Due Point Offices

Taking into account the seriousness of their business, Due Point gave us the mandate of an office space that communicated “reliability, connection, and strength.” That’s why when you walk into Due Point today, you’re struck by the beauty of the raw stone dominating the entrance with clean, static lines, accompanied by the offsets of whites and greys.

“A neutral palette gave us the base to expand from and the glass provided the necessary surface to reflect the design while witnessing the evolving business dealings happening in the area. Transparency was key, “with the line between the areas obscured by using various mullion details and tinted film,” explains JP.

The black and white contrast is a recurring theme throughout the Due Point office space, with suggestive colour accents warming up the areas. Clean, asymmetric lines guide and follow you throughout. Raw materials such as walnut and leather needed to be brought into the space, as these elements still offer comfort and reassurance to visitors and stakeholders.

The juxtaposing use of wood and leather suggests a clear direction. This modern combination iterates the evolution of Due Point and the financial services industry as a whole. 

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