IoT.nxt Office

What do you get when you put a designer and a bunch of programmers in a room together, who all happen to be self-proclaimed Star Wars superfans?

An entire office inspired by the epic space phenomenon.

The battle between light and dark is an obvious force (see what we did there?) throughout the design and concept of the IoT.nxt offices in Centurion. 

Good versus evil, the Rebellion versus the Empire.

Clean lines and modern elements versus raw and earthy sources of materials. 

Clean open spaces versus moody and personal corners.

A contradictory space and concept, which simultaneously flows and transitions flawlessly from one element to the next.

The objective? Representing a start-up company that was travelling at the speed of hyperdrive and gaining exponential traction in the market. The idea was to allow them to put their unique stamp into their working space, all the while inciting a certain level of nostalgia and emotion for what was the current industry and for what is yet to emerge in a galaxy far, far away.

May the force be with you…

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