Nando’s Central Kitchen

Art was the pretext for Nando’s Central Kitchen. With Nando’s owning the largest collection of South African art, it had to be the driver of our design direction.

OnePointZero thoroughly enjoyed working on this, but also faced some major challenges in bringing traditional South African design into the 21st century. To truly deliver, we travelled as far as London, to draw inspiration from the UK based franchises to consolidate ideas, concepts, and design. What stood out for us was the user experience that we needed to recreate throughout the offices.

Real, raw, and natural became the mandate and these were the filters for all elements integrated into the project. From the structural elements, such as permanent and temporary working spaces, to the hero of any Nando’s: the kitchen.

Bright, African-inspired colours and raw elements are visible in every aspect. The use of natural light was key to our success as it was used to enhance the experience for visitors and to also draw the eye into the art woven into the space.

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