Private Illovo Office

A collaboration between OnePointZero and Whitewall Interiors.

The quintessential man cave has been transformed, adapted, and re-engineered into a classy and contemporary office space.

A respectful tip-of-the-cap to modernism, masculinity, and performance. Vintage cars, motor-driven artefacts, and raw wooden materials fill the space that is lit with bespoke lighting designed by JP Beukes and Laird Adams.

Following the juxtaposing of cool and warm elements, wallpaper and stucco on the walls connect the contrasting elements throughout the office space. Decorative elements such as the silk carpet from Paco and the Belgian Linen sofa in the reception bring in an element of softness, contrasting the hard lines with softer features. Thus creating a space rooted in heritage but adaptive for future gender narratives.

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