Quirk // Brands Eye Offices

How does one seamlessly integrate three different entities into one building, whilst keeping them separate and distinct? Now, ask yourself – how does one consolidate the flow of movement to create a transcendent experience? This was the challenge posed by Quirk, and it was one we were eager to take on.

We kept as many of the original features as we could in the interior and used a combination of concrete and brickwork construction for all the remaining interior walls. Later, these walls were left raw or painted, depending on the area and identity we wanted to create. We took inspiration from the colour scheme left by the vacated CMT operation and introduced paint patterns and techniques to retain some of the old factory feels.

Natural light and modern, clean lines were harmoniously used in conjunction with raw materials. These became prominent elements throughout the design. The brick face walls were introduced to bring some urban texture to a large extent, which necessitated acoustic dampening measures being introduced to break up the hard surfaces.

The result is the enclosure of three different bodies of ideas within a building, where the energy is contagious between them and is also reflected in the building, the composition and flow of movement.

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